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Thanks to its unique hyperlocal accuracy, our solution supports extreme rainfall (i.e. cloudburst, squall line) detection with unprecedented accuracy. Via continous monitoring, our solution allows efficient water management decision, reducing water disruptions.


Our solution can support the evaluation of deployed solutions: efficiency of smart city adaptation tools, weather and hydrological models accuracy…


The use of advanced rainfall data will be key to create new climate adaptation solution based on advanced understanding of multi-factor correlation, supervised AI, or IoT communication


High-quality and precision

100 meters / 1 minute resolution

Plug n Play

We take care of everything

Fully tailored

For urban-climate adaptation solutions

Easy to use API

Adapted for smart solution integration

Do rain quality and resolution matter?


Cloudbursts are difficult to catch but lead to big differences in the amount of rain water to manage at local scale.

HD rain monitoring is crucial and we prove it!

Our solution is perfect to support smart adaptation solutions:

Monitor: weather extremes, cloudburst
Evaluate: climate adaptation solution, weather models
Optimize: climate adaptation, AI training

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